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What kind of food fundraiser can we help you find today?

We have helped all types of groups profit to do a food fundraiser.

- Elementary Schools
- Middle Schools
- High Schools
- Churches and Religious Groups
- Sports Teams
- Youth League Sports
- Relay for Life

...and the list goes on. From the popular candy fundraiser to cookie dough fundraising to healthy fruit fundraising (such as the one provided by Parker Indian River Groves which is immensely profitable), food fundraisers are easy to do.

Easy or Hard, It's Your Choice. You can...

1. Spend hours searching for and reading web sites to get the information that you need, or

2. Spend a few moments to have all that information sent right to you.

Obviously, it's much easier and time saving to spend just a few moments and have someone else do the work of sending you the information. That's the power of The Fundraising Network.

We have one purpose:
to help people like you find the best possible fund raiser for your group.

Here's how we can help.

1. Choose from any of the categories on the left to browse through descriptions of different food-related fundraising programs.

2. We have a number of articles specifically written to help you either determine the best food fundraiser for your group or to help you maximize your profits. Look below to find those articles.

3. THE QUICKEST WAY TO GET INFORMATION is to fill out our information request form. Organizations are standing by to assist you with finding the fundraiser that is right for you. Click here and fill in our free information form. You will recieve fundraising information and ideas to help you decide what kind of fundraiser is best for you. Click here for free fundraising information.

Tips, Tricks and Other Information to Help You With Your Next Food Fundraiser

Make the Most of Your Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Cookie dough fundraisers have been a popular way to raise money for schools, sports teams and other non profit organization. Cookie dough fundraiser companies provide tubs or boxes of frozen cookie dough for your group to sell. Your group takes advance orders and/or buys a certain number of cases ahead of time and then sells it.

What's The Scoop On Cookie Dough Fundraisers?
Cookie dough fundraising is becoming very popular with many fundraising groups today. It's no surprise, since freshly baked cookes are as easy to sell, as they are to eat!

7 Pizza Fundraising Ideas
Pizza is a very popular food that can make for a great fundraising program. There are lots of different pizza fundraising ideas that could raise lots of money for your school or other non profit organization.